The gamification publication track is a one of a kind, “gamified” way to develop your research paper through GamiFIN conference, HICSS gamification minitrack and toward the eventual publication in an associated journal issue (see the yearly special issues below). The aim of the gamification publication track is to increase the predictability and rigorousness of the peer-review and publication process by providing a concise review continuum and discussion with peers.

The GamiFIN conference aims to be the first step in the process of developing your paper, where you can submit the first, work-in-progress version of your paper. This paper can then be developed further and submitted to the gamification minitrack at HICSS conference, which provides an excellent second step in the track and further feedback for your work. Ideally after these conferences you will be able to extend your paper into a full journal article. Both conferences also offer access to special issues of specific journals, which can be used as shortcuts on the track (see yearly information below).

Papers accepted to the GamiFIN conference  are published in the CEUR proceedings series. Papers accepted to the HICSS are currently published under University of Hawai’i at Manoa repository. Both of these proceeding series are open access and permit further publication in a journal special issue.

Between each step, the paper should be extended by 30%-50%, they should not use the same title nor abstract in verbatim compared the publication in the previous step.

Special issue year 2018 – Special issue in Electronic Commerce Research and Application 

Special issue year 2019 –  Special issue in Electronic Commerce Research and Application OR Internet Research / Electronic Markets – deadline early 2020