The 3rd annual GamiFIN conference will be organised in Lapland, more specifically at the Sokos Hotel Levi, Levi, Finland.

Levi is a ski resort located in Finnish Lapland, above the Arctic Circle and features incredible Finnish scenery, nature and winter activities. This is the first time the event will be organised in this winter wonderland and we hope all of our guests take the time to enjoy the surroundings and activities provided by this unique and exotic location.

Travel to Levi:

Our recommendation: Flight to Kittilä Airport (through Helsinki).

Flying to Kittilä Airport: Kittilä Airport is the one of the main airports in Northern Finland. Most international flights to Kittilä Airport will have a layover at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, but there are also various direct flights to Kittilä from the UK and Germany. The airport is located approximately 15 minutes from Levi and an airport bus operates between the Kittilä airport and Levi. You may also take a taxi to from the airport to Levi. 

Taking the train: The nearest train stations to Levi are located in Rovaniemi and Kolari. The distance between Kolari and Levi is 80 km and between Rovaniemi and Levi 170 km. Both of these stations will offer a bus connection departing after the arrival of the train. It is also possible to rent a car at either city, but car rentals should be done in advance.

Train schedules: VR

Bus timetables from Kolari to Levi: Tunturilinjat

Bus timetables from Rovaniemi to Levi: Matkahuolto


There are several accommodation possibilities at Levi, but the conference venue, Sokos Hotel Levi, will provide a special discounted price for attendees of the conference. More information about this will be released soon.

More information about the conference venue:  Sokos Hotel LEVI

More information about Levi: Wonders of Levi,