GamiFIN welcomes full paper submissions related to the multi-faceted phenomenon of gamification.


  • December 10, 2018:  Submissions deadline
  • January 21, 2019: Notifications of acceptance sent to authors
  • January 31, 2019: Registration deadline for  presenting paper authors
  • March 29, 2019:  Deadline for authors to submit the final manuscript (camera ready)
  • April 8-10, 2019: Conference



Gamification is a multi-faceted phenomenon that affects multiple domains of human life. Therefore, we welcome submissions related to this gameful transformation of our reality under several domains and related (but not limited) to e.g. the following keywords:

  • Users: e.g. Engagement, experience, user types
  • Education: e.g. Gamification in education, serious games, game-based learning, games & math
  • Media: e.g. eSports, streaming, gamification in journalism
  • Commerce: e.g. Business models, free-to-play, gambling, gamification as marketing
  • Work: e.g. Organizational gamification, gameful work, gamification in leadership
  • Technology: e.g. Virtual reality, augmented reality, Internet of things
  • Toys & play: e.g. Toy play, toy design/creation, toys in education, Internet of Toys
  • Health: e.g. Quantified self, games for health, health benefits
  • Culture: e.g. Ludification, history of games and gamification
  • Theories/concepts/methods: Contributions to science around gamification



Full papers submitted to GamiFIN 2019 should be maximum 8 pages, including the list of references. All submissions will undergo a double-blinded peer-review process. Therefore the authors should remove any information that could give an indication of the authorship.

In the online submission system you will be asked to list the most relevant themes of your paper as keywords. In general, papers should be formatted to follow the basic guidelines: Times New Roman, 12pt, line spacing 1 and margins top & bottom: 2, left & right: 2.5. References, tables and figures are acceptable in the papers. Camera-ready papers will be collected with appropriate template, which will be provided to the authors after acceptance.

At the conference presenters of accepted academic papers will have a 10-minute slot + 5 mins for questions.

Accepted papers will be sent for consideration for publication in CEUR Workshop Proceedings in the GamiFIN Conference volume. is a free open-access publication service and recognized ISSN publication series, ISSN 1613-0073. (In the Finnish classification of publication forums, CEUR-WS-proceedings are classified as JUFO-1).

The GamiFIN conference will offer an entry to the Gamification Publication Track that can help authors develop their papers from the first manuscript version to the final journal paper and thus aim to increase the predictability and rigorousness of the publication process.

The submission system will open soon.